That is how many rides I gave as a Lyft driver. I started with Uber. Unlike a lot of full time drivers who use both apps I tied my wagon to the single friendlier platform. As a driver in Los Angeles I combed the peak hours between 9pm to 3am on Fridays and Saturdays when everybody was enjoying the city but me. LA traffic throttles you and the drunk panacea spill out of the bars and into you car around 2. Passengers can be fun and engaging or they can be a nuisance and self important.  

The latter stretched the grind. I always knew I would only have them in my car for a short time and our moments together, good or bad were experiences. With tips and bonuses I did well, but by 3 I was ready to call it a night. Almost. While driving kept me afloat the empty streets were my reward for surviving the night. Finally LA belonged to me and I was hers. I carried my camera to creases of downtown and other mysterious points evading lurkers and other night ilk. I might have looked conspicuous myself if I had been in any other town. Here I was just another guy with a camera. I skulked and clicked until the quiet gave way to morning and the city woke once more.