The Engine in the Grass...


...was not the first name that popped into my head for this website and it was not the name of any of these picture if they ever had one.  In fact it was probably my 47th choice.  

My name is Chris. And the straight forward name Christopher Paul Campbell Photography had been taken. In fact every derivation of my name has been claimed by They, the internet.  Not only are there a million different Campbells, Christophers, and Pauls, apparently they are all photographers and one insurance salesman that plays for the LA Clippers. Having lost the claim to my name how can one Chris stand out,  glasses and a bowtie?

The answer didn't fall from the sky, but it had been sitting right in front of me.  The photos did their job. They reminded me of the wonder of the simple muse. The Engine.

The first time I saw it,  it was just... there, like so many other things that just appeared in that odd back yard.  Stoic and abandoned it waited. The grass kept growing and the engine kept calling. I moved in closer.

Eye to eye, in our moment alone, I listened to the old pitbull, roared hoarse into retirement.  With every scratch and bruise aching in the shadows you could sense faster days. Worn well from adventure it had sparked my imagination.  I could feel where it had been, and where it might go and was glad where it was taking me. I look forward to continuing the adventure that started with The Engine. I hope you will join me on that open road.  

-Chris Campbell